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Zelenskyy: Ukraine Repelled Attempts by Russian Troops to Capture Ugledar

According to Ukrainian military estimates, having suffered significant losses, Russian forces are trying to regroup in the Avdeevka area

Ukrainian troops repelled a new offensive by Russian troops in the Ugledar area in the eastern Donetsk region and continued attempts to advance south, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said on Thursday.

Ukrainian-held Vugledar, located at a strategic crossroads between the eastern and southern front lines, is witnessing the bloodiest fighting in the 20-month period of full-scale hostilities.

“There was an attempt by the enemy to advance in the Ugledar direction, but our fighters stopped it, inflicting heavy losses on the enemy: dozens of pieces of equipment, many killed and wounded,” Zelenskyy said in Telegram.

The Ukrainian military says that fighting on the eastern front has intensified in recent weeks.

The military states that Russian troops are trying to regroup and replenish personnel in the Avdievka area before launching new attacks.

“The enemy continues to try to encircle Avdeevka, but not so actively – he is trying to regroup and make up for losses in order to attack further,” explained Alexander Shtupun, press secretary of the Tavria military command.

According to local and military authorities in Ukraine, in mid-October Russia renewed efforts to encircle the city, attempting to suppress Ukrainian positions with constant artillery fire and the transfer of troops and military equipment.

Source : Голос Америки