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Wilmington News Journal’s Coverage of Real Estate Transactions

This list of recent real estate transactions within Clinton County is provided by the Office of Clinton County Auditor Terence G. Habermehl and transcribed by News Journal staff.

Kimberly L. Hatten to Maria and Gabriel Ibarra *SD, 4108 S SR 72, Wayne Township.

Chad M. Parker to Katelyn Odle, 468 SR 28, Jefferson Township.

Catherine Borror to Thomas E. Fox, 152 N. Broadway St., Midland.

James Hacker and Celeste Harris *SD to Theodore and Kayla Roy Simpson *SD, 109 Orchard View Lane, Blanchester.

Carothers Holding Inc, an Ohio Corporation to NJC Holdings LLC, 36 N. South St., Wilmington.

Cloyd D. and Brenda L. Watson *SD to Brenda L. Watson, 8128 E. SR 28, Clark Township.

Bruce A. and Kathy J. Haggerty *SD to Kathy J. Haggert, 1116 Ventura Drive, Union Township.

Lori L. Riley *LE to Nancy A. Wical to Lori L. Riley, 320 San Mar Gale Road, Sabina.

Nita and Jacob S. Lambert to Christopher W. Courtney R. Hollon *SD, 446 Thorne Ave., Wilmington.

Redbud Transformations LLC 1/4 INT and RTLM Properties LLC 3/4 INT to Rebecca E. Rose, 93 Sugartree St., Clarksville.

Chiou-Jeu Chuang to Blue Infinity LLC, Old SR 73, Union Township.

Nelson P. and Vickie R. Jackson *SD to Vickie R. Jackson, 200 McJunkin Rd., Marion Township.

Stephen M. and Holly Ashmore *SD to Ashley Stroud and Matthew Iacobucci *SD, 752 Rombach Ave., Wilmington.

CED Properties LLC to Richard J. III and Angela I Boll *SD, 75 Church St., Richland Township.

Stewart Alan Wright to Philip L. and Tonya M. Dillon *SD, 143 N. Wood St., Wilmington.

Nathan Rabine to Sydney R. Hall to Calob B. Manor, 84 Rice Dr., New Vienna.

G & L Development LLC to Jennifer B. Hursey, 688 Olivers Trail, Adams Township.

Lesley Trabeaux and Derek Wininger *SD to Chad Ellis, 2849 SR 22 3, Union Township.

Jane L. McCormick to Jackie Ditmer, 1065 Peggy Lane, Wilmington.

Dave West Farm Trust to Terrence Colt and Molly Elizabeth West *SD, 0 Townsend Road, Clark Township.

Debra Fontaine to Mark and Diane Bramel Trust, 471 Olivers Trail, Adams Township.

E. Carol Rich to Chad Christopher Jarvis Jr., 5242 Ash Grove Ave., Blanchester.

Tina Noble and David Shrewsbury *SD to Mark D. and Sara E. Covel *SD, 960 SR 380, Chester Township.

ERS Wilmington Properties LLC to Prairie Gardens Limited Partnership, 274 Prairie Ave., Wilmington.

Streber Properties LLC to Jesse W. Doyle RT, 102 Union St., Sabina.

Paul and Lorrie Reynolds *SD to Jessica M. Blake and Nicholus Z. McDowell *SD, 529 Mill St., Blanchester.

Loraine D. and Ron Watters…

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