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Small Owl Discovered in US Family’s Christmas Tree

A family in Kentucky had a surprise when a small owl was discovered nestled in their Christmas tree – the bird had gone unnoticed for several days.

A carpet cleaner was working in the home when he says he saw something rustling in the tree and went to investigate.

The family was “shocked” by the discovery of the owl and at first thought it was a prank.

The bird has since been released back into the wild.

Homeowner Michele White said she had spent hours decorating the tree – which the family picks out together every year – and had no a clue that the owl was there.

If carpet cleaner Bobby Hayes had not noticed the little bird, it might still be in the family’s living room, blending in with the branches.

Mr Hayes was plugging in a piece of equipment when he saw something stirring in the tree.

“The owl was literally sitting on a lower limb here,” Mr Hayes said.

It then crawled deeper into the tree and it took several minutes of searching before he found it again.

He pulled the owl out and sent Ms White a photo.

“I was shocked. I was so stunned,” she told a local news station.

“I thought he’d put a stuffed animal or an ornament in it, so I called him immediately, like, ‘you’re kidding me, right?'”

“I have three dogs,” Ms White said. “We use this room non-stop: watch TV – the kitchen’s right here. No indication.”

Mr Hayes released the owl into the family’s wooded backyard.

Ms White’s daughter, Madeline, shared a video on social media site TikTok about their discovery.

Plenty of people commented with similar stories of finding squirrels, possums and even bats in their Christmas trees.

In honour of their former house guest, Ms White – who needlepoints – said she has been inspired to stitch an owl ornament for their Christmas tree.

Source : BBC