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Prince Harry and Meghan’s Charity Makes $1.2m Donations

Prince Harry and Meghan’s Archewell organisation donated grants of $1.2m (£950,000) to charities this year, its annual report reveals.

Under the banner “Show up, do good”, the foundation backed projects ranging from helping Afghan women in the US to tackling misinformation.

There was also support for a mine charity made famous by Princess Diana.

US tax filings show donations at the same level as last year, with Archewell now holding funds of more than $11m.

While much has been written about this high-profile couple, the Archewell Foundation’s report for 2023 and tax information for 2022 cast a clearer financial light on Prince Harry and Meghan’s working lives in the United States.

Archewell, founded when Prince Harry and Meghan moved to the US and stepped down from official royal duties, is now in its third full year of operating, with the charitable foundation working alongside its production arms.

Tax filings for 2022, published this year, show donations of $1.2m from the foundation – including $100,000 for the Halo Trust, a mine-clearing charity once supported by Princess Diana.

Prince Harry’s mother had brought attention to the charity when she visited a minefield-clearing project in Angola in 1997.

Prince Harry had contacted members of the Halo Trust working in Ukraine after the Russian invasion.

Other funded projects included $200,000 for a “gender justice” project in Washington, $125,000 for a civil-rights charity and $100,000 for a project promoting responsible use of technology.

Archewell was launched with an initial start-up revenue of $13m in 2021, with a further $2m raised in 2021 and then $5m in 2022 – making grants of $5.4m across those years.

Tax returns show that the foundation spent more than it received in 2022, but the gap of $674,000 was less than the $8.5m in remaining funding, which has since risen to $11.2m.

Prince Harry and Meghan are seen in a promotional video with some of the causes and campaigns they’ve backed in 2023, with a similar amount – $1.2m – being donated, in figures yet to be audited for this year’s tax returns.

That includes a project helping Afghan women to settle and have a greater connection to local communities in the US.

There has also been support for a non-profit new project, intended to tackle misinformation in parts of the US that have lost their local newspapers and become “news deserts”.

The most recent tax returns show that Prince Harry and Meghan don’t draw an income from the charity, and are listed as directors working an average of one hour per week.

But Archewell has an annual salary bill of more than $640,000.

Source : BBC