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Lyndhurst PD Assigns 2 Officers to Work in Township Schools as SROs

The two officers will have somewhat different roles, however. 

Officer Nolan James will work solely in townships schools along with Sgt. Steve Passamano and will be primarily stationed in the middle school.

Passamano has served as an SRO for the last 3.5 years.

Officer Joseph White, meanwhile, becomes the Lyndhurst PD’s full-time juvenile investigations officer, responsible for looking into and following through on all cases involving minors (those younger than 18).

White will also offer support to James and Passamano in their in-school efforts.

It’s all a part of Mayor Robert B. Giangeruso and Chief Richard L. Jarvis Jr.’s stated commitment to keeping township schools safe.

“The Lyndhurst PD School Resource Officer program has enjoyed a long-standing relationship with the Lyndhurst schools.   Supporting the safety of our schools means investing in the overall well-being of our students and their future,” Giangeruso said. “Providing our resources solidifies the commitment from my office and our police department.”

Jarvis was in full agreement.

“Our SROs handle a multitude of functions throughout the day at our schools and their presence is something we feel will be a deterrent to the potential for harm while at the same time, it will allow the officers to expand on our ability to build a positive relationship with the kids.”

And Det. Lt. Vincent Auteri, meanwhile, was appreciative of the chief and mayor following through on their promises.

“Mayor Giangeruso and Chief Jarvis have once again made good on their promise of making sure the safety of our students and the school community are at the top of their priorities,” he said.

Source : The Observer