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Flags for Veterans-Madison County Helps Place Flags before Memorial Day

Memorial Day is one week away and it’s the time of year we both honor and mourn those who died serving our country.

Sunday one group has gotten a jump start by honoring our Veterans by visiting graves throughout rural cemeteries.

Since 2015 a group called, “Flags for Veterans” has gone out every year to show their respect for veterans buried throughout the Bluegrass.

A moment of silence, it’s to remember the sacrifices that men and women have given to our country. For the last six weeks, Flags for Veterans have been placing American flags at Veterans’ graves across their hometown in Madison County.

Coordinator for Flags for Veterans-Madison County Phillip Seyfrit said, “They are our heroes. They deserve much, much more than a fabric flag on Memorial Day.”

Out of the 400 cemeteries known in Madison County, volunteers came out today to help place flags at one of the largest ones: Flatwoods Cemetery.

Volunteer Andrea Hunt said, “I think it’s a very patriotic thing to do to show our support for our country and for our veterans who served, and I think it’s good for our community to see that people still care and to show that we love our country, and we care for those who support and protect us.”

Overall this group covers more ground than what you would expect. Organizers said they go from 90 to 100 cemeteries every year, and place over 1000 flags at Veteran’s graves.

“We go across all of Madison County,” said Seyfrit. “We decorate Veteran’s graves all the way from the American Revolution up to the war on terror, Iraq, and Afghanistan.”

For volunteers like Phillip Seyfrit, these flags are an opportunity to pay tribute on behalf of those who cannot come to honor their family members. Hunt participates for another reason.

“This is a good way to remember the names of those who have fallen, who have passed away,” said Hunt.

Now their goal is to spread the word and continue this tradition.

Source : Fox56 News