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Arestovich: Ukraine and Russia Will Not Achieve Their Goals Through War

Ukraine and Russia will not be able to achieve their goals by military means – reaching the 1991 borders and defeating the Ukrainian Armed Forces, respectively.

According to him, as quoted by the Ukrainian media, many in Russia believe that they have another year and a half to two years for the war in Ukraine, after which “unpredictable processes” may begin within the Russian Federation under the weight of problems.

Russia understands that they will not be able to capture the entire territory of Ukraine within this period, judging by the current rate of advance of the Russian army. Therefore, in Moscow, according to Arestovich, they are ready for a truce: “All that I see from the movements of the Russian side is the desire to stop this war.”

But the Russians, Arestovich believes, cannot stop it at the current stage, since they have not achieved their main goal – the creation of a new security system in Europe.

According to him, thanks to the Yalta system after World War II, and later to the Helsinki agreements, there were no major armed conflicts in Europe for several decades. This system stopped working with the collapse of the USSR. “Now that the security system has been completely destroyed, can we hope that the borders will not be revised?” – says Arestovich.

He also believes that Ukraine will not be able to achieve its goals by military means. Because, Arestovich claims, 4.5 million Ukrainians are evading mobilization, and “a brigade per month” (100 soldiers per day) is leaving their positions without permission.

“What are the boundaries of 1991? The battalion is worn out in 2-3 weeks in battles for some bush that the battalion commander was told to take. And this is reality,” said Arestovich.

In his opinion, Ukraine’s information policy has caused an increase in pro-war sentiment in the Russian Federation and “Russian soldiers now really believe in what they are doing. They really fight for their Russia, as they understand it.”

Source : Haqqin